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April 11, 2009

Open API

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Open APIs or Web APIs are playing an increasing role in companies’ web strategies. In the past Web APIs were often decried as developer’s eccentricities with no business merit. However the success of companies like Amazon, Ebay, SalesForce or Twitter has changed the general attitude and brought a lot more interest to the subject. Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable successes. Last year, Amazon announced that its API traffic had surpassed its website traffic and the trend is accelerating:

  • Twitter  is believed to get 10 times more requests through its APIs than its website.
  • Salesforce, arguably the most successful SaaS company, has probably more than 40% of its traffic going through APIs and is aggressively promoting the AppExchange platform to attract even more developers.
  • Google surfing on the popularity of its Maps API, keeps adding new services to its already impressive list and seems to be determined to become the single biggest service provider.

Others are following suit and trying to catch on the phenomenon. We can include in the race companies like Microsoft with its mashup editor or the New York Times, that is offering through an API every articles the paper has written since 1981.

It’s becoming undeniable that the API wave promises to reshape the internet landscape with the multiplication of mashups, widgets and other 3rd party applications. Indeed APIs promote participation and collaboration of end-users and transform the web from a static place to a dynamic environment. But behind the hype of those well documented success stories, should every company adopt an API strategy? That’s what we will explore in another post.


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